Konstantinos A. Tsintotas | Ph.D. candidate


I was born and raised in Katerini, Greece in August 1987. I moved to Chalkida, Greece in 2005 and received a Bachelor’s degree from the department of automation engineering, Technological Education Institute of Central Greece, Phachna, Greece, in 2010. Throughout my studies, I was involved in an internship program at COOPER Industries – Menvier Univel Ltd.

The following year, I carried out my military service in the supply and transportation corps of the greek army.

In 2013, I enrolled in mechatronics’ graduate program at the department of electrical and computer engineering, University of Western Macedonia, Kozani, Greece, and received a Master’s degree in 2015. The certificate of pedagogical and teaching competence from the department of education, School of Pedagogical and Technological Education, Kozani, Greece, followed in 2016.

Alongside my studies, during the biennium 2015-2016, I was employed as an automation engineer by the Zalikas – Liontas construction company and as an adult educator by the youth and lifelong learning foundation, Katerini, Greece.

After graduating from my master’s studies, my involvement in the industry gave rise to a deep interest in the field of robotics, which motivated me to follow the course for a doctoral degree. Since then, I have been a Ph.D. candidate in the field of robotic vision at the laboratory of robotics and automation, department of production and management engineering in the Democritus University of Thrace, Xanthi, Greece. I am most honored to be guided by my advisor, professor Antonios Gasteratos. Together with my colleagues, in the course of my Ph.D. studies, I have been involved in several research projects as well as in internal laboratory ones. My research interests include vision-based place recognition methods for simultaneous localization and mapping applications in mobile, autonomous robots.

Check here for a full resume of mine (pdf), available in Greek as well (pdf).

Please also visit my personal GitHub repository for more information regarding my research work.