Gryphon (also griffon or griffin, greek γρύπας), the emblem of the city of ancient Abdera was chosen to be the logo of our lab. Gryphon was a mythical creature with lion’s body and eagle’s head and wings; thus it also symbolizes the efforts of our lab in ground and aerial robotics.

Ancient Abdera is located about 25km south of Xanthi, where our lab is established. According to the myth, the city was set up by Hercules on the location where Diomede’s horses killed the divine hero Abderos. Abdera used to be an important city in ancient times and many great philosophers were citizens of Abdera, including Democritus (hence our university), Protagoras and Leucippus. 

Gryphon was imported in Greek mythology from the Orient. It was the emblem of the Greek city of Teos, in Asia Minor. Teos has been the metropolis of Abdera, and its emblem was also adopted by its colonies, namely Abdera and Phanagoria. Being the emblem of the city of Abdera, several different depictions gryphons appear on coins and state seals. 

The depiction on the coin bellow was chosen for the logo of our lab.