Antonios Gasteratos’ Page | Professor and Head of Department


During the current academic year, I am teaching the courses of:

  • Automatic Control Systems (Ζ01)
  • Mechatronics (Ζ13)
  • Robotics (Η01)
  • Electronics (ΣΤ02Υ)
  • Artificial Vision (ΕΠ3)

Here’s the team of the 7th-semester students (academic year, 2012-2013) with their assignment, to built a quadrocopter:

Information on the courses (syllabus, transparencies, notes etc) can be found at the asynchronous electronic platform eclass (in greek)

In the past I have also thought the courses of:

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, DUTH

  • Automated Electronic Measurements
  • Electrical Circuits I
  • Digital Systems Interfacing Techniques

Department of Educational Sciences in Early Childhood, DUTH

  • Informatics
  • Principals of Information Sciences and Cognitive Sciences I
  • Principals of Information Sciences and Cognitive Sciences II

Department of Production and Management Engineering, DUTH

  • Ergonomics
  • Measurement Techniques
  • Measurement Technology and Sensors
  • Simulation
  • Introduction to Production and Management Engineering