bullet Aldebaran Robotics NAO.
bullet SICK Laser Sensor LMS500 PRO-HR.
bullet SCHUNK PW70 Pan-Tilt Actuator.
bullet Videre Design ERA-MOBI Mobile Robot Platform.
bullet Point Grey Research Bumblebee2 Stereo Vision Camera.
bullet Several sets of cameras, including Point Grey Research Grasshopper IEEE-1394b.
bullet Several Educational Robotic Arms.
bullet Trivisio, 3Scope HMD (Head Mounted Displays).
bullet Stereoscopic vision robotic head (4DOF stereo head).
bullet Parallax Mobile Robotic Kits.
bullet Ekahau Real-Time Location System.
bullet Directed Perception High Precision Pan-Tilt Unit.
bullet Xsens MTi-G GPS aided MEMS
bullet Xsens MTx 3DOF Orientation Tracker.
bullet Xsens MTi Miniature Attitude and Heading Reference System.
bullet Altera FPGA Development board (DSP Cyclone II Kit).
bullet National Instruments Multifunction Data Acquisition Boards.
bullet Manfrotto Micrometric Positioning Kits.
bullet Military Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs).