MAGGIE Dataset

MAGGIE (Mobile Autonomous riGGed Indoors Explorator)Robot is a custom made robot suitable for indoor exploration. It has been constructed to serve the needs of the Group of Robotics and Automation. MAGGIE has been utilized for the acquisition of a Cognitive Navigation dataset appropriate for 3D SLAM and place recognition activities.
The creation of this dataset is motivated by the wish to provide to the research community a handy tool for the validation of localization and place classification algorithms. It has been captured by exploiting an RGB-D sensor, i.e. a Microsoft Kinect, mounted on the MAGGIE (Mobile Autonomous riGGed Indoors Exploratory) Robot. The Cognitive Navigation Dataset consists a long range indoors route, which has been recorded in the premises of the Democritus University of Thrace to serve the needs of the Laboratory of Robotics and Automation.

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