Rescuer Project


  The RESCUER project focuses on the development of a user-friendly intelligent mechatronic support to Improvised Explosive Devices Disposal and Explosive Ordnance Disposal. RESCUER provides an adequate and fast solution also for rescue operations like search of survivors in collapsed buildings and landslides after manmade or natural disasters.

RESCUER is an intelligent mechatronic system capable of achieving given goals under conditions of uncertainty. In contrast to existing automated bomb disarming systems, which are, by definition, pre-programmed to deliver given behaviour and are therefore predictable, RESCUER may arrive at specified goals in an unpredictable manner. This is possible due to RESCUER’s improved flexibility, dexterity and intelligence comparable to a human rescue specialist. Flexibility means the capability of responding to frequent changes in the environment without being re-configured. Dexterity means the enhanced perception and manipulation capabilities have never been used in Explosive, Chemical or Biological Threat Disposal or in humanitarian rescue operation while intelligence means the ability of RESCUER to identify the risk and to decide on proper action.

RESCUER is endowed with flexibility, which means it is capable of responding to frequent changes in the environment. This qualitative difference in RESCUER behaviour from exiting systems is the result of the separation of the domain knowledge from the mechanism dedicated for problem solving.

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