AVERT Project


  The AVERT project is aimed at supporting the explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) teams dealing with threats from vehicle borne improvised explosive devices (VBIEDs) which have been placed by a terrorist organisation in proximity to a target building or commercial centre.

The terrorist intent would be to insert a significant quantity of „homemade explosives‟ into an area that may potentially cause (i) horrific loss of life; (ii) disruption to public transport; (iii) destruction to government buildings or targeted businesses; and/or (iv) extensive financial damage to commercial real estate. The terrorist‟s intent would be to bring a vehicle bomb Targeted transport and commercial nerve centres may include large City Airports or underground parking within city centres.

The terrorist would aim to locate the VBIED next to supporting structures for maximum effect (to cause a building to collapse) and would aim to position the vehicle to obstruct the observation, inspection neutralisation and removal of the vehicle by the standard EOD team and their robot assets. The terrorist can currently seriously further hamper efforts to disrupt or neutralise VBIEDs simply by parking third party vehicles to block the access path to the suspect vehicle

The AVERT project concept is to automate the placing of lifting bogies, capable of omnidirectional movement, under the road wheels of identified vehicles (blocking and/or suspect) and to synchronise their lifting and path as a group in order to remove the vehicle without disturbance.

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