6th International Conference on Computer Vision Systems, Vision for Cognitive Systems

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Vision for Cognitive Systems



In the following pages, you will find information about how to reach the conference venue and Santorini Island if you are flying to Greece or arriving by ferry. Please note that information on timetables for all means of transportation is subject to change by the time of the conference. Updated information will be posted on our website at a time closer to the dates of the conference. Nevertheless, before travelling, it is best to check the websites of the transportation organisations marked in the following guide.

Getting to Santorini island
By air
By sea (from Greece)

Getting to the Conference Venue
From Thera Airport
From Thera Port

Getting Around the Island
Public Transport
Car Rental

In case you want a printer friendly version of the following transport guide you can download the pdf version of the guide.
flyerICVS 2008 Transport Guide

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