Supplementary material for ICRA 2015 submission #3214: AVERT: An Autonomous Multi-Robot System for Vehicle Extraction and Transportation

This page is mainly addressed to ICRA Reviewers, Video Trailer Committee and media coverage.
Update Thanks to BBC, Bloomberg, Engadget, IEEE Spectrum, Gizmodo, Popular Mechanics, Popular Science, DailyMail, and Tech Times for their full coverage of AVERT project!


  • Link to the ICRA 2015 YouTube Video
  • AVERT overall presentation HD, 169MB (download)
  • Bogie pair presentation, 13.90ΜΒ (download)
  • Car rear axle lifting, 19.30ΜΒ (download)
  • Car extraction (with one pair), 37.60MB (download)
  • AVERT Raw Videos and Overlays Separately, 225MB (download)
  • 3D PDFs:

  • Bogie 3D Cad model, 12.00MB (download)
  • Deployment Unit 3D Cad model, 3.55ΜΒ (download)
  • Other:

  • Vectorized logo (download)
  • European Flag (download)