I am an Adjunct Lecturer at DUTH’s Electrical and Computer Engineering department and research associate at the HUman-MAchines INteraction (HUMAIN) Lab of EMaTTech.

I received my Ph.D. from DUTH, Electrical and Computer Engineering department, Laboratory of Electronics. I did my undergraduate studies at the same department.

[December 2018] ViPED brings a possible solution to the trolley problem for autonomous vehicles.
[February 2018] Patent for humanoid robots training is granted.
[December 2017] Associate Editor of HardwareX (Elsevier)
[February 2017] Associate Editor of International Journal of Advanced Robotic Systems (SAGE)
[September 2016] Thanks to all press media for their coverage in the first Hellenic Civil Unmanned Air Vehicle, where our lab actively participated.
[February 2016] NVIDIA Grant for support in ADAS ViPED project
[February 2016] IEEE Senior member grade elevation
[April 2015] Thanks to BBC, Bloomberg, Engadget, IEEE Spectrum, Gizmodo, Popular Mechanics, Popular Science, DailyMail, and Tech Times for their full coverage of AVERT project!
Recent Awards:

2017 State Scholarships Foundation (IKY) Postdoc Scholarship
2016 Stavros Niarchos Award for Promising Young Scientists
2009 IEEE Transactions Outstanding Reviewer Award


My research focus is on robot vision, multi-sensor systems, mechatronics, hardware, artificial intelligence. Publications.




  • Η32Ε: Applications of Automatic Control Systems, Spring 2017/18




  • Η32Ε: Digital Systems Interfaces, Fall 2017/18
  • Η32Ε: Digital Systems Interfaces, Fall 2016/17




  • ΠΔ602: Electronics, Spring 2012/13
  • ΠΔ912: Simulation, Fall 2012/13
  • ΠΔ602: Electronics, Spring 2011/12
  • ΠΔ912: Simulation, Fall 2011/12
  • ΠΔ602: Electronics, Spring 2010/11




  • 406ΓΥΥΚ: Computer Graphics, Spring 2018/19
  • 612ΕΔΕΧ: Digital Image Processing, Spring 2018/19
  • EΠY140: Introduction to Database Systems, Spring 2016/17
  • EΠY140: Introduction to Database Systems, Spring 2012/13
  • EΠY331: Operating Systems and Programming, Spring 2011/12
  • EΠY140: Introduction to Database Systems, Spring 2011/12
  • EΠY340: Special Topics in Database Systems, Spring 2010/11
  • EΠY140: Introduction to Database Systems, Spring 2010/11
  • EΠY340: Special Topics in Database Systems, Fall 2010/11
  • EΠY102: Programming Techniques, Fall 2010/11
  • EΠY310: Special Topics in Computer Science, Spring 2009/10


Program Committee Work: IST2008, IST2009, IST2010, IROA2011, IST2011, IST2012, HAIS2012, HAIS2013, IST 2014, SSRR 2014, IST 2016, SSRR 2016, PDP 2015, MOCAST 2017, PDP 2017.

Invited Talks:

  • “Deep learning design frameworks and techniques for mobile robot vision tasks”, IEEE
    International School of Imaging
    , 16 Oct. 2018, Krakow, Poland, Invited by IEEE International School on Imaging Director.
  • “Vision Systems for Future Autonomous Space Exploration Robots”, Robotic Exploration of Extreme Environments Foresight Workshop, 19 Feb. 2014, Bremen, Germany, Invited by German Aerospace Center (DLR).